Drinking wATER & Water wELL Consulting

Testing your drinking water isn’t just about looking to see if there are issues that may stain your appliances, dishware and clothing.  There are many possible contaminants that may go untested in your drinking water  whether your water source is a private well, community well or municipal water system (City Water).

Some of the common primary contaminants tested for in drinking water are Nitrates, Arsenic and Bacteria.  Lead also plays a key role in drinking water safety and in recent history has hit the main stream media bringing more awareness to its importance in drinking water.

There are however other variables that are often left untested that can play a large role in the safety of drinking water and its role in the health of your family.

The presence of copper among other metals and

by products from agricultural industry have

been found in drinking water. 

These types of contaminants have been linked

in connection with such debilitating illnesses as

Alzheimer’s Diseases.


There are many ways to complete testing for contaminants in your drinking water .  Having your water samples collected by a qualified individual and processed by a certified lab will give you  the best likelihood for accurate results.


“Although there are many causes contributing to prion disease, many people and animals are contracting it from environmental exposure (food, water and soil) and then contaminating the environment even more with their own bodily fluids. Victims of prion disease are walking time bombs.”                                 (Source:  http://alzheimerdisease.tv/brain-disease-spreading-through-wastewater-treatment-plants/)